North Dakota + Haiku = Nodaiku?

As many of you know, we’ve been creating some North Dakota-themed haiku – it seems apt to call them “nodaiku” – which we’ve mostly featured on our Twitter feed and sometimes here when they are accompanied with a photo.  Well, I’ve decided to take this project to THE NEXT LEVEL and embark on a collaboration with Jessie Veeder Scofield, blogger/singer-songwriter/photographer extraordinaire from Meanwhile, back at the ranch… for the Nodaiku Project.

The Nodaiku Project will be a weekly series of one of Jessie’s photographs from her ranch far out in western North Dakota and my words from deep beneath the surface of my consciousness.  Check back each Monday for the next installment – or just subscribe to The Blank Rectangle by clicking the “Sign me up!” button on the right sidebar to get an email for each of our new posts.  And be sure to check out Jessie’s blog for a look into a life on the modern day North Dakota ranch.   Hope y’all enjoy!


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