Meeting Agenda: Feb 28, 2011

Tonight, we’re planning to have a meeting to discuss details of our project for the Walk Across North Dakota (WAND).  Below you’ll find the agenda of things to be discussed and we’ll update you later in the week about what was decided and discussed at the meeting.  (Also, you’ll see it below, but we’ve submitted an application to feature our project on Kickstarter, a funding platform of mass patronage for creative projects where anyone in the world can pledge financial contributions to our project.  Hopefully we’ll have an update on that in the very near future!)

Agenda (subject to revision)

  1. Route update from Richard and Tyler
  2. Kickstarter update (if any) by Gwen
  3. Make a list of areas we need to research and assign them to people (e.g. food, equipment)
  4. Discuss physical preparation
  5. Check in re footwear
  6. Discuss addition of Bruce (Gwen’s fiancé) for first week
  7. Determine if Eric is doing the walk
  8. Comments on blog, if any
  9. Letter Jeremy drafted for family/friends support
  10. Discussion of potential creative outlets for the WAND from Jeremy

Jeremy planning the WAND


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