Nodaiku: “wreathed in harvest glow”

Photo by Jessie Veeder Scofield

wreathed in harvest glow
the moon lonely holds her place —
cold worlds quake below


The Nodaiku Project is a weekly series featuring one of Jeremy Bold’s haiku compositions based on Jessie Veeder Scofield’s photographs from her ranch way out in western North Dakota (Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Daily Photos).  Find more of The Blank Rectangle’s nodaiku poems by following us on Twitter (@blankrectangle) or here at The Blank Rectangle: Nodaiku and be sure to clickthe “Sign me up!” button in the sidebar to get notified each time there’s a newnodaiku or other post from The Blank Rectangle!


Wreathed in harvest glow

The moon lonely holds her place-

cold worlds quake below.


About Jeremy T. Bold

Librarian (sometimes anArchivist) Intelligent and outgoing (sometimes ridiculous ;) Capable of entertaining faculty, students and the general public. Skills in multimedia print, audio, and video productions. And I like Catz. Yes, the animalz; I've never seen the musical. View all posts by Jeremy T. Bold

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