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Feb 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes: mileage, monies, media and…mountain lions?

So here it is – plans for the WAND so far.  To all you readers: if you have any suggestions based on these preparations, they would be much appreciated!  See the questions in BOLD below

  • Mileage: route, miles /day

Tyler discussed issues of camping on non-wildlife management areas, which would mean we’d have to get permission from individual land-owners for each place we stopped (which we would probably need to do in advance).  Richard played devil’s advocate a bit, suggesting we could do it a more “janky” way (Richard insists it means frugal, but that’s not what I found on urban dictionary…), where we just approach landowners as we decide where to camp for the night and improvise if people don’t want us to stay.

Tyler was working through issues of distance and time on the route itinerary and worried if we could make it the whole way in time if the 15 miles /day we had talked about previously was a maximum.  We all agreed to set a 20 mile maximum mileage in one day, provided it could be surrounded by cushion days of less distance or intensity.  Gwen and Jeremy agree to abide by whatever itinerary that Rich and Tyler set out.  Any recommendations or thoughts on what it is like to do through-hiking in North Dakota (or any other fairly flat, plain-like topography) would be greatly appreciated!  Is 20 miles a lot for that kind of terrain?

  • Monies: Kickstarter application, donation

We’ve been waiting on a response to our re-submitted Kickstarter proposal (rejected the first time because it apparently lacked proper rewards for an “creative” project based on patronage – which we highly dispute based on plan to document the trip with photographs and journals which we will release after the trip).  If we don’t hear anything back from them by Friday, we agreed to move ahead knowing that we all can participate in the WAND even without funding (though it would be nice).  We plan to include a PayPal donate button on the blog so we can hopefully gather general donations that way.  Know of any other ways we could think about getting money for this trip/project?  Please comment below.

  • Media: the TBR-WAND press release

Jeremy explains a plan for a WAND press release to relevant and interested news sources in the near future, once we know the outcome of Kickstarter application and get some kind of donation button available for TBR.  Planned sources include: major ND newspapers (Bismarck Tribune, Grand Forks Herald, Fargo Forum, etc.) and ND Newspaper Association, North Dakota Humanities Council, and university alumni associations for Concordia, Jamestown and UND (and maybe NDSU, just for good measure).  Any other places we should think about, readers?

  • Mountain lions…?  create equipment and contingency/emergency list

Discussed the need to create various lists.  Agreed on a collective gear list of haves and don’t have yets will be started by Jeremy and shared on Google Docs.  Gwen suggested the need for a contingency list, which Tyler agreed to start.  Jeremy emphasized that we focus on specific, expected contingencies and only a general emergency plan (e.g. what if we encounter mountain lion/ rattlesnake/lightning storm but NOT what if Richard falls down an old abandoned mineshaft that was not marked on the map – meaning, stuff we can actually plan ahead for).  What else should we be worried about?

  • etc.

Eric, the other Bold brother, is confirmed as full WAND participant (barring unforeseen circumstances) and Bruce, Gwen’s fiancé, will participate for the first week.  No other expected participants at this point.

Well there you have it – thanks for any help and hopefully we’ll have some great updates for you beginning of next month when we’ll be only two months from the beginning of the WAND – the walking begins on June 3rd…

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