You can take the sun out of spring…

Last week, I was finally obliged to stuff my jacket into my bag and walk around outside. You can’t help it when the skies look like this…


Photo by Jeremy Bold, 2011.3.18


But today, I woke up to another light dusting of snow in Brooklyn.


Photo by arthurohm via Flickr


Sure it looks pretty and everything…but isn’t it supposed to be spring by now????

Maybe this is how it always goes. Spring is the weirdest time of the year: it’s not all about flower buds and calmly watching sunsets; it’s also inconsistent weather and impatience to feel warm sunlight on bare skin.  Though I can’t be too disappointed with the way things are progressing in Brooklyn, especially since my mom mentioned that they are just recovering from another big snowstorm in Bismarck today.  Cue entertaining weather-related article from Bismarck Tribune entitled:


Bismarck, greater ND recovers from spring’s weather wallop


Here’s some photos of the great “wallop” from the Bismarck Tribune…


Photo by Tom Stromme, Bismarck Tribune


Photo by Tom Stromme, Bismarck Tribune


….ruffff stuffffff, I know.   But I guess, when it comes to North Dakota, you can take the sun out of spring — and dump a bunch of snow instead — but you can’t take the spring out of certain kinds of people.


Photo by Tom Stromme of Bismarck Tribune


This one is dedicated to my friend, Jeremy Manstrom, who could always rock a pair of shorts, no socks, and sandals even in blizzard.


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