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white light from a star

Happy belated 4th of July, y’all!  Just to let you know, we’re all back in our various homes away from ND homes and slaving away on the W.A.N.D. Chronicles.  It was unfortunate that we couldn’t update more from the road, but I’m sure the anticipation is building for the whole story to come out. We’re compiling our journals in the next couple weeks so hopefully we’ll have some journal excerpts to share soon.  But until then, there’s always more nodaiku!

From July 4, 2011, "Sailboat" by Jessie Veeder Scofield

white light from a star
stripes the blue with rows of rose —
a flag waits to wave


The Nodaiku Project is a weekly series of North Dakota-themed haiku poetry, featuring a new haiku poem by Jeremy Bold based on one of Jessie Veeder Scofield’s photographs from her ranch in western North Dakota.  See more of Jessie’s photography at Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Daily Photos and find more of nodaiku poems by The Blank Rectangle here at The Blank Rectangle: Nodaiku or by following us on Twitter (@blankrectangle).  Click the “Sign me up!” button on the right to get email updates from The Blank Rectangle!

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