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Another Book Update and Prairie Flowers

In my last post I indicated a publishing date of spring 2015 for The Walk Across North Dakota. We now think publication is likely to be in late summer or early fall. The revision stage took significantly longer than we originally anticipated, but the book has now entered the production/design phase, at least.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in other books that provide insight into the Blank Rectangle (North Dakota, that is), we recommend the catalog of the ND Institute for Regional Studies Press. Recent titles include Important Voices: North Dakota’s Women Elected State Officials Share Their Stories by Susan Wefald, who also wrote Spectacular North Dakota Hikes: Bring the Dog.

And here’s a photo from the WAND Part 2 (Bismarck to Fargo). These prairie flowers in the Magnolia State Game Management Area may be in bloom again for the year, especially considering all the rain the region has had lately.

prairie flowers

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