Meeting with our Editor, and a WAND Audiobook?

Water over highway 10

A “just ’cause” photo from WAND Part II – water over Highway 10 near Crystal Springs.

A few days ago I met with Suzzanne Kelley, the new editor in chief at the ND Institute for Regional Studies Press, our publisher. It was a fun and invigorating meeting – we got into detail about things like cover design, final edits to the manuscript, and promoting the book. Before parting we set a release date of February 2016. Looking back at previous posts, I can see that my other estimates for completion were December 2014, spring 2015, and summer/fall 2015. According to Suzzanne, a three-year period from acceptance to release is not uncommon, so despite this new date we will still come out ahead.

Those with an interest in small presses should check out the Institute’s Facebook page. Suzzanne has been posting items of interest from their archives as well as neat links to literary and historical web pages and images.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has raised the idea of an audiobook version of The Walk Across North Dakota, and we’d like to know what our blog readers think. Production would include all five of us recording our journal excerpts, and we would possibly seek funding through a grant. We welcome your comments below!


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2 responses to “Meeting with our Editor, and a WAND Audiobook?

  • Kayla

    I think an audiobook version is a great idea! Hearing the individual voices read the sections they wrote would make it really come alive in an interesting way.

    • theblankrectangle

      Thank you, Kayla! So glad to hear you are excited about this. It appears that we don’t qualify for grants from sources like the North Dakota Humanities Council because we are not registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit ; however, we would very much appreciate if you could inform us of other sources that we could pursue as individuals.

      As a backup plan, Jeremy is developing another online fundraiser, like our initial Kickstarter campaign to collect pledges from our current readers and (potential) listeners!

      Please like or comment to let us know you would support us!

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