A Party for the WAND Book

On March 3 The Walk Across North Dakota was one of several books and happenings celebrated at a big NDSU Press party in Fargo, ND. Bruce, Jeremy, and Tyler attended the party, gave a ten-minute reading, and signed copies of the book.

Anyone interested in purchasing The Walk Across North Dakota should contact Nancy Nelson (nancy.nelson@ndsu.edu), who handles both bookseller discounts and individual sales.

Here are some pictures of the event, taken from the NDSU Press’s Facebook page.

WAND release party

L-R: Author Ryan Christiansen; WAND authors Bruce Ringstrom, Tyler Bold, and Jeremy Bold; and author John Bluemle at the book signing table.

WAND party covers

Book covers on display.

WAND podium

Jeremy, Tyler, and Bruce share the podium.


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