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What might the WAND look like…ND in photos

As we’ve been gearing up for the WAND — in June, 2 months and counting! – we’ve been reminiscing over old photos from our salad days in NoDak.  Also, we’ve decided to create a calendar from photos taken on the WAND and include it as part of our rewards for raising funds to support the trip.  Here’s a few of our favorites, in order of the potential sights to be seen…

by Tyler Bold

Lands so beautiful they tried to hide them by calling ’em bad. This seems pretty likely to be the most dynamic and exciting part of our adventure, hiking through the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt State Park.  Probably a lot of other great photo-ops out here…

by Tyler Bold

The open road. It’ll go on for miles and miles.  There are lots more stunning road photos of North Dakota out there – just do a Google Image search for them, they’re easy to find.  Of course, there probably won’t be snow on the ground for us this time around, so that will be nice.

by Jeremy Bold

Really “big sky” country. It takes forever for the sun to set in North Dakota, and it gives you some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see.  Definitely looking forward to this.

by Jeremy Bold

Where the sidewalk begins. Even though I know 2+ weeks is a long time, I expect that it’ll go past much faster than we even expect.  We’ll be arriving back in Bismarck sooner than we imagine.

Wow.  SO psyched to get out there and take some more photos this summer.  And be sure to look out for our announcement of the opening of our Kickstarter page this week!  We’ll also be posting the trailer for the WAND very soon now…be on the lookout!


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