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Hey There, Good Lookin’

How about some goofy close-up shots from the WAND? I’ll start with one of myself:

Gwen expelling the unwanted contents of her nose in the tent on Sentinel Butte.

Jeremy doing an impression of a housefly.

Tyler giving a well-known sign of appreciation for the A&B pizza at Crown Butte. Photo by Mary Hoberg.

Richard establishing his gravel road cred.

More Journal Excerpts

As I continue to weave five journals and my own prose into a seamless whole (that’s my goal, anyway), I am continually amazed at how many lovely, funny, and interesting things people wrote. This book is going to be killer, y’all. We still seem to be on track to get it done by the end of this month, so how about a few more excerpts to tide you over.

Day 1 – June 3 – Tyler

As the sun itself becomes visible, like a giant spotlight aimed directly at me, I’m reminded of the scale, the magnitude, of the mechanisms at work behind the profound yet quotidian event—sunrise. I think I can feel the earth turning, hurtling me eastward with rotational momentum.

Day 2 – June 4 – Richard

It was really nice to have a bed of clouds stacked on pillows stacked on kittens’ fur that night.

Day 5 – June 7 – Jeremy

Realizing that we couldn’t keep [the pancakes] warm to eat them all together, we took turns drizzling syrup onto the cake in our hands  and scarfing them down.

Day 7 – June 9 – Bruce

With my Procrustean, four-pound hiking clogs lashed to the top of my pack, and running shoes on my pulpy feet, I felt lighter than air.

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