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The WAND Calendar

Looks amazing. If you think North Dakota ain’t much to look at, this calendar will prove you wrong.

Thanks Tyler, Jeremy, and Cambria for all your work!


We have ordered the calendars for all our $60 and above donors, but Gwen will be making at least one more order in the future.  Please contact her if you are interested in ordering one.

Progress on the Book

The bad news:

We did not meet the deadline we set for getting the WAND book to print (the end of September).


The good news:

1. We are steadily making progress on this project.

2. We’re on track to print by the end of October. Yesterday we were all able to meet by Skype (no small scheduling feat for 3 graduate students and 2 busy professionals), and we got a lot of questions answered about the format and content of the book. This week we’ll be giving the manuscript to a few of Gwen’s colleagues to look over,  Richard is working on some sketches, and Tyler is working on the route map.

3. We are more confident than ever that The WAND Chronicles is going to knock your socks off.


Hey, the good news totally outnumbers the bad news!

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